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  • What is the Świat Przesyłek website?

    Świat Przesyłek is mainly an extraordinary Internet website that mediates in services of more than 200 companies, including postal operators, courier companies, forwarding companies and printing houses. Owing to a specialist operating system prepared by the best Polish IT experts, Świat Przesyłek is able to meet expectations of the most demanding customers. Świat Przesyłek does not exist only in the virtual realm, but consists of a close-knit qualified team working both in the office and the warehouse.

  • Do I have to sign a contract with Świat Przesyłek to use its services?

    Depending on the type of collaboration, we require signing an appropriate agreement; this is applicable in particular to companies that use services of the website on a large scale.

  • What is Hybrid Mail?

    Hybrid Mail is a brilliant yet very simple solution to send letters. It enables users to prepare a letter in digital form on a computer or e.g. smartphone and using our platform upload it to our branch nearest in respect of the recipient; in the branch, the letter is printed, placed in an envelope and delivered to the recipient. This innovative solution provides remarkable time and money savings.

  • Can the courier collect my mail on Saturday?

    Yes, there is a possibility of collecting mail on Saturdays, even on Sundays and holidays, but this entails additional costs. The valuation department will be happy to answer inquiries related to all unusual orders.

  • Is my mail insured?

    All mail (except unregistered postal mail) is insured up to the amount determined upon placing the order. It is possible to buy additional insurance.