Drodzy Klienci, 
zachęcamy gorąco do skorzystania z naszych sprawdzonych, lokalnych rozwiązań, na które to kierunki mamy nowe rozwiązania logistyczne z codzienną wysyłką z naszych HUB:
 Austria, Słowacja, Czechy, Węgry, Rumunia, Chorwacja, Słowenia, Grecja
Terminy doręczeń od wyjścia z HUB:
Austria, Słowacja, Czechy D+ 1-2 dni,
Węgry D+1,2,
Rumunia D + 2-3,
Bułgaria D+ 3-4,
Chorwacja D+ 3-4,
Słowenia D+3-4,
Grecja D+ 4-6 wyspy +1
 Zachęcamy również do skorzystania z naszej oferty na lokalne rozwiązania do  
        Włoch i Hiszpanii
W celu uzyskania dalszych informacji zachęcamy do kontaktu z opiekunem handlowym lub Działem Obsługi Klienta


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Welcome to the Royal Shipments website!

We are proud to offer you our services – we are the only company in Poland that offers such extensive distribution services. Royal Shipments offers services of more than 200 companies worldwide, including courier companies, postal operators, forwarding companies and printing houses. With years of experience in the postal and courier industry, we realise that there is no single best distributor; only by combining their offers, we have created a perfect company: this is how Royal Shipments was established.

We realise that today customers expects us to provide top-quality services at the best price; therefore, our team do everything to satisfy all our customers day by day. Our success is confirmed by the fact that our services are used by Western European post offices, printing houses, press companies, courier companies, brokers and online shops. Our services are also available to individuals wishing to send one shipment, and to companies involved in mass mailing – in each case, customer satisfaction comes first.

Recently many companies that offer third-party distribution services have appeared on the Polish market ; we can safely say that none of them even partially matches us. Most brokers (as this is how our operation can be referred to) are very limited in operating terms. Due to foreign logistics partners, years of experience and business relations, Royal Shipments is not restricted in any way.

One main goal is that with the shipment collected, we take away our customers' worries associated with its delivery to the recipient; our business offers everything that has to do with shipments, from preparing them according to your instructions, to Hybrid mail that ensures your letter reaches the other side of the earth.

Due to several months of work of our entire team and a group of IT specialists, we have managed to create a website that offers so many opportunities

Royal Shipments Team

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